Solo show and On Bornholm


二年ぶりの個展を終え、バタバタと出国となりました。デンマークに来る前にクロアチアにも一週間ほど行ってました。これは完全に休暇として。笑 クロアチアの事は時間があればまた今度載せたいと思います。

I did not post the blog for a long time.

Any way I am on Bornholm in Denmark now.
My solo show in Tokyo which had not been held since 2.5 years ago finished last month.  I was so busy....And I left Japan. I went to Croatia for holiday for a week before came hear. If I have time, I post about it.
In this time, I am going to write about Solo show and the first experience on Bornholm.


First of all, I would like to write about my solo exhibition.
The exhibition was important for me. Because I had not shown my pieces since 2.5 years ago. So it was a first exhibition from restarting of my life.
I was like people who returned to child at the beginning of my journey. On the other hand, It was like to restart of my life. Because I didn't realize anything and also English when I started staying in foreign countries. 
I usually upset me easily. So the process was important and necessary for me. I want to be more calm, when I do new experiments and I work. The process is going now. 



The theme of the show was new techniques and colors of sky, sea and light from nature which came from to have been stayed in Denmark last year. The shape is simple and the pattern is complicated. Clean, unique and organic shape used to be my important theme. in the next time I would like to try to mix the color and the shape. I think this is my world.

And I learned that it was important to keep showing my works at the same place ant same season every year. Because artists can not continue to make if our pieces stay their work shop. That's why, it is important for me to increase my fan.

なぜ私はまたデンマークにいるかというとRoyal Danish Academy of Fine art on Bornholm(通称KADK)にアーティスト・イン・レジデンスとして滞在しています。これは、招待学生のような形で学校に滞在し、自分のプロジェクトを学校の機材を自由に使い進められるという夢のような制度です。

And this time is 3rd time to stay in Denmark.
I am staying as an artist in residence at Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art on Bornholm (Design school of Bornholm, KADK). This is like an invited student. You can do your own projects with using almost equipments. This is like dream system I think. But the artist in residence is not popular in Japan.


「Taka! スマイル!! Taka! スマイル!」


「どうしてそんなに険しい表情をしているの?吹きガラスはそもそも楽しいことでしょ?やらなきゃいけない事じゃない!吹きガラスが楽しくなければ私はこんなにのめり込まない!リラックス! Have fun!!!!!」

I have already had a interesting happening at the beginning of staying.
I was very exited to be able to blow every day even thought I felt hopes and fears.
When I blew the glass alone earnestly, a man shouted to me behind me. He was Uffe who control the studio. 

Taka!!!! Smile!!!!   Taka!!!!! Smile!!!!!

I wondered was my face such a serious??
And another parson also said to me same things. She is Brianna called Bri. She is another artist in residence, and she has already had a lot of experiences, skills and ideas although she is 22 years old. I normally work with her.
Any way she said

Why your face is so serious? Blowing glass is very fun, right? If it is not fun, I don't do that! Just calm down and Have fun!!!!!


「Have fun!!!!!」


Actually that gave me shock. I have been working as glass artist or blower for about 10 years. I have been reprimanded a lots at the serious working place for a long time, of course I got fun as well.  I have been feeling it is difficult to continue glass artist. Glass artist is very fun. But I have been feeling more that the life is like a religious austerities and to do glass artist is one of means. That's why I came over sea.

I don't think everything is mistake. But I forget a first reason that when I younger  started to make a piece. The happening remind me a pure reason.

Have fun!!!!!!!

How important!!!!!
The staying in this time must be fantastic! And I can make my pieces purely here. So I believe that these experiences in this time connect to my future.

Have fun!!!!!!!


Have fun!!!!!!!

After staying Denmark

new experiment 2017


It has been long time since I updated last time.
I backed to Japan 3 months ago. I am getting use to spend time in Japan.haha
I feel good things and also bad things of Japan. For example they are constructions, Japanese communication, working style and politics etc...

I will write two topics in this time.
1, About recent exhibition and Danish color
2, About my current thinking 


Currently and recently I would like to make my pieces are influence from my Danish experiences as soon as possible. I often had been at Azumino glass studio in Nagano where I belonged before to help for young staff and also to make my pieces since January. And I joined the exhibition which is held by Toshiro Ishii who  used to work at Royal Copenhagen for a long time as an expert of painting. I am going to open solo exhibition at Space Yui in Tokyo in August.

I appreciate for young staffs of Azumino glass studio, Mr Toshiro Ishii, Space Yui, people who came to the exhibition and staffs of CRESTIPS.

Azumino glass studio in Nagano


「HARMONY 15th SCANTIPS EXHIBITION 2017」に参加しました。磁器に絵付けを施す教室であるCRESTIPSの代表をされている石井逸郎氏の主催する展示会です。石井氏はデンマークのロイヤルコペンハーゲンにてフローダニカシリーズなどの絵付けを長い事されていた方です。3年ほど前にスペースユイのオーナー木村さんの紹介で知り合いました。



I joined the exhibition called "HARMONY 15th SCANTIPS EXHIBITION 2017" in Tokyo couple days ago. The owner of Space Yui is Kimura-san connected me to Ishii-san.

In this exhibition is not only painting but also metal works, ceramics, painting on the paper, flower coordinate, textile and glass. They are high quality. And you can feel atmosphere of Scandinavian, and can feel the soft wind and soft sunshine like walking a park.

I am interested in the color.





According to my real experiences in Denmark I would like to say about Danish color instead of Scandinavian.
Danish design generally use a lot of colors. But they are not strong colors. Danish sunshine which light town, hill, ocean, coast and farm etc.... is very soft and the view is covered with the sunshine softly.

On the other hand, Danish color is opposite from Australian color which is very bright. So Danish color is neutral color.



今回参加されていた金工作家のKotomi Lemi Yodaさんの銀製の酒器でお酒を頂く機会がありました。彼女の酒器は日本酒の雑味を取り除き旨味だけを抽出した様な味わいを私たちに感じさせてくれます。


Japanese light could be similar to Danish one. Actually Japanese has much more neutral colors. Because it could be humid in Japan more than Denmark.

Fortunately I was able to drink Japanese Sake using metal cups for Japanese Sake were made by Kotomi Lemi Yoda who joined this exhibition. The cups are amazing. The cups make us feel only good taste which is removed the other bad tastes. The taste is extracted taste.
Danish color is special color that Japanese feel beautiful. It looks like Lemi's metal cups. Danish color is extracted color.

This time I made big purple bowl which was influence from Danish sky and sea during sunset time. There is "Mid night summer dream" series in Royal Copenhagen. It was coincidence that the color of this series is similar to my bowl.
I was surprised. It was truth that I have spent time in Denmark.

It is important for me not only to consider the Danish design of simple and elegant shape but also to consider Japanese and Danish color.



さて、デンマークではアシスタントとして9ヶ月間過ごしました。次の大きな動きは9月から11月までRoyal Danish AcademyへArtist in residenceとして3ヶ月間滞在を予定しいます。


By the way, I have stayed in Denmark as an assistant for 9 months. The next big moving for me will be happened in September. I am going to go into the Royal Danish Academy in Bornholm as an artist in residence for about 3 months.

Actually I was supposed to go there from February 2017 for half year. But I had to get permit to stay from Danish immigration service. And unfortunately I could not get it. I guess the reason why I couldn't might come from the immigrants and refugees issue in EU. My plan became nothing.
But I think it is good time to think about how should I construct my future. 



My opinion about the position and the fame is getting changed recently. In fact I was reacting against the position and the fame but I was longing them at the same time before.
But now I am thinking that I would like to just keep to make glass works, to just keep to be a parson who create something is not just consumer and to a lot of people to see dreams by my works and my actions. Then what do I need to do to come true my thinkings? Sometimes the position, the fame and money could be necessary for my future.
It is difficult to continue to be an glass artist. But I should think simple more.





The time of staying in Denmark made me reset.
 I was getting use to do a lot of things when I was in Japan before coming to Denmark. But I felt that I couldn't do a lot of things to continue a glass artist until die. So I wanted to break me and I want to construct the deep and wide base.
Actually I broke me too much.haha
Especially It is important for me to train mentality now.

People who is making frame and limit is oneself.
I should not pursue a dream. I would like to create the dream. Sometimes I have to think about the reality to create the dream. I should use my brain right now.

My next stage could be appeared a little. Probably to train in abroad will finish soon.  In near future I hope to have my own studio. of course I have to spend long time more to prepare for that yet. For example, I should get knowledges, funds, customers and techniques etc..
My pace could be too slow. But this is my pace. I would like to advance step by step.



Now is the time to restart.
It is very exiting from now!
Don't hurry, hesitate, nervous, scared and upset.

Thanks for reading.
I will do my best!!