Move to move

Long time no up date.I am in Denmark now.Actually I stayed Australia next went to USA and came to Denmark.I wanted to move something like that for long time.
Because making glass is life for me now.I need various experiences.


I could receive various experiences while stayed in Australia.I have stayed there for about 3 month,in Adelaide for 2 and half month and around Sydney for a week.I never forget to spend time with a lot of friends.I was able to notice that nationality and age are no border and English is important and like magic.


Next I went to USA to learn blowing glass.I joined a class by Scott Benefield in Haystack mountain school of crafts.
I also worked in kitchen everyday.Because I could receive  scholarship that is thanks to my teachers  ,friends.Making glass and kitchen works are both good experiences for me.
I was able to catch a good encounter there as well.American can do to work very fast.Ohhh,I'm still soooo slow...
My English was some problems,thanks Scott,TA and friends!!

After Haystack,I stayed in Boston for a few days together new friends who joined Haystack. I could feel style of North East side of USA.
Thanks so much guys!!!!!



Next I came to I have stayed there for a week.Denmark is definitely different from USA and Australia as a matter of course Japan.
I stayed in Ebeltoft that is famous glass town in Denmark. Denmark's glasses are elegant,useful and simple.So I like those.
I went to 5 studios. Especially I like Pust's works,and Tobias's works is awesome!! 
Dam & Karlslund,Ronholm and Nyholm,thanks for your kindness.



And I had a interesting episode.
One night, I went to a local bar together a woman who is also a glass blower borne-Israel that I met her by chance during a day.We drunk Danish beer,then suddenly she played a piano,and then she shifted it to a guitar. She played Russian songs well. And then she passed me the guitar.But I can't play abroad song.So I played Japanese reggae songs.Local bar changed international live bar this night!! Owner of there was fun very much(also I ,she and the other customers). I and she played it by turned.We were too much drinking,but the owner told us to be good free!!

I can't still speak English well. If I didn't meet her, I couldn't experience such a thing. I want to say 
appreciate to her,the owner and the customers.

I would like to say "Thank you so much" to a lot of people are around me.If I couldn't receive their kindness, I was never able to experience like those.

In fact,there are good people,but also bad people. I am sometimes good,but also I am sometimes bad. I don't like people,but I like people very much!!!!!

My adventure still continues.