Next stage in Australia

Hello!!I have been in Adelaide in Australia for two weeks.
The first impression of Australia is sunlight is very strong,city and town are safety,and Australian is very kind.


The central market is in the central city.There are many colorful foods in this market,and I am interesting that just look.Pelican and Black swan are in the park around the river.I was surprised.I challenged to feed them together a man who I met by chance.


People of many countries come to study in Adelaide. Brazil,Colombia,Italy,SaudiArabia,Thailand,Korea and Japan etc...
The age varies,too.
Student,The person who stopped work,The person who look for work and etc....

I feel that they come to this ground with a strong-willed.


It is a little complicated story from here~~~~

I came true this thing which I had wanted to go Australia since the period of student 5 years ago.I thought I want to live not a trip for fixed period. Because I want experience real living.
Myself old was unclear and not have courage.Myself who I want to challenge was fighting myself who I want to be safety as now.However now I noticed it doesn't matter which it is unclear.
Any how it is important things that I step forward before one step.(I advance) 
I believe that it's going to be OK!Because I try to become that it's going to be OK.Such a situation bring me up!!



I think very good that someone can advance having clearly all vision in the future.
The plan is important. But can you speak interesting only this?
I noticed I was able to image my plan only in my territory. This is too but. To be doing things now may be roundabout way.But the creator need originality. Even if I am roundabout,if it is not normal,it is thankful rather than bad.


My new stage has just begun.It is fresh everyday.I regularly learn and interest things next happen.

Well,what is happen??